Bailey Sims

Director - Sales
0412 099 954

With a rich background in marketing spanning both local and international spheres, Bailey has garnered remarkable success as an adept professional in facilitating transactions for both buyers and sellers within his marketplace. His achievements can be attributed not only to his extensive marketing expertise but also to his personable nature, which undoubtedly contributes to forging strong connections in the industry.

Beyond the confines of the office, Bailey assumes the role of a dedicated father, endeavouring to instil essential life principles in his daughter. He strives to impart the values of hard work, unwavering dedication and ambitious pursuit, all while emphasising the importance of compassion and care. These core principles serve as the bedrock of Bailey’s work ethic, permeating through both his professional and personal pursuits.

With an unwavering commitment and a vibrant, youthful energy, Bailey emerges as a true team player.

In essence, Bailey emerges not just as a successful professional but as a multifaceted individual who seamlessly blends career accomplishments with a commitment to nurturing positive values and serving as a beacon of inspiration for the next generation.

(Bailey’s reason why – his daughter Athea)

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as at 29/01/2024
5 stars / 79 reviews
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